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November 9, 2019


Essential Oil Roller Blend for Anger Management

Roller Blend for Anger Management Do you struggle with feeling angry and frustrated? This essential oil roller blend for anger management will help you cope with your frustration. Use this blend whenever you’re feeling agitated and need a calming boost. Our Favorite Roller Bottles Our essential oil roller bottles are made out of glass, so they won’t deteriorate or leak over time. These roller bottles are perfect for any DIY ...
Health & Wellness

Top 5 Essential Oils for Hives

Essential Oils for Hives If you’re looking for a natural remedy for hives, we have five essential oils for hives that will help relieve your discomfort. If you have hives, apply 2-3 drops of one of these essential oils to the affected area: Roman Chamomile Rosemary* Frankincense Peppermint (diluted) Lavender *Caution with use with epileptics, during pregnancy and high blood pressure. Learn More in the Essential Life Get more essential ...