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Convenience With Oil Life!

  Whether you are a busy mom on the go, a doting grandmother, or a single guy who cares about his health, we can all agree on one thing: convenience makes life simple!  Here at Oil Life, we’ve taken this truth into consideration for you by designing several clutches and cases for your essential oils.     No more spills; no more bottles being lost in your “Mary Poppins” purse; no more essential oil rollers being damaged by knocking into ...
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Display Your Essential Oils

How do you store your oils? If you’re in the market for a new essential oil display, check out our selection! In today’s video, we featured a few of our boxes and racks, perfect for oil collections of every size. Our displays will not only protect your oils, but keep them organized and accessible as well. 4-Shelf Essential Oil Holder Rotating Essential Oil Rack Rotating Essential Oil Spindola Engraved Bamboo Box- Large Engraved ...

So many containers: making sense of oil storage

Walk in to Oil Life, and you’ll see you’ve found the treasure trove of all essential oil containers. Glass, plastic, ombre, frosted, everything you can imagine. But when to use which container? And are you missing out on Today we’ll talk about some of our most popular storage containers and what to use them for. We’ll also introduce some less known containers and how they can help you enhance your oil use! Essential ...

UV Light, Amber Glass, and Essential Oils

Why are essential oils so often seen packaged in amber glass? Storage method of essential oils directly affects its shelf life. Because of the potency of essential oils in their purest state, glass containers in general are the safest method of storage. Read more about that in our Glass vs Plastic post But why amber? Is clear glass the same? Essential oils are volatile. Basically that means: Essential oils have the potential to oxidize ...

Glass vs. Plastic: Where do I store my essential Oils?

Glass vs. Plastic: Which is the best for storing essential oils? An age-old essential question about storing essential oils: let’s debunk this mystery! “Pure” Essential Oils When an essential oil is “pure” (undiluted, nothing added), it is extremely potent. That’s why we love it—right? This pure state allows access to all of the oil’s natural healing and helping properties. When it comes to storage, though, this potency can have adverse ...