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Essential Oil-Infused Dry Shampoo

Essential Oil-Infused Dry Shampoo Looking for an all-natural dry shampoo recipe? This DIY essential-oil infused dry shampoo is all-natural and will help keep your hair looking great in between washing. We got this recipe from The Essential Life! For more essential oil recipes and tips, check out The Essential Life here! Learn More in the Essential Life Get more essential oil tips from The Essential Life. Find tips for every essential oil, ...
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Best DIY Workshops for Back-to-School

Are you looking for new ideas for classes to host this month? How about hosting a back-to-school DIY workshop?! We have several DIY kits for both teachers and students. Here are some of the best back-to-school make and take workshops: Best Back-to-School Make and Take Workshops Rollerball Teachers – This DIY kit is perfect for friends and family who are teachers. It also makes a great gift for your child’s teacher at the ...
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Our Favorites for Mom and Baby

We know how hard moms work and we wanted to show our support for all the moms out there by talking about our favorite essential oil make and take kits for mom and baby! We know you’ve been thinking about what class you should hold this month and now you know — a make and take class for moms! Check out some of our favorites below! Favorite Make and Take Kits Our Happy Baby Bum Kit lets you make up to five all-natural, essential ...
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Spring Cleaning! ( Floors )

March is all about CLEANING! Today we’re focusing on floors. If you’re used to using chemical, industrial cleaners, you’ll be shocked at how well essential oils will get things clean by comparison. No longer will you have any filmy residue and things will actually start to sparkle and feel clean again! Here’s one of our favorite floor recipes! From The Essential Life Book! Wood Polish 1 16oz glass spray bottle 1 mini ...
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Oils and Exercise !

Essential Oils work SO well for before, after and during your fitness routines! You’ll find some GREAT tips for fitness in The Essential Life Book!  Here’s one of our Faves! AND a fun video for more on this topic!    Post Workout Rub 1 ounce carrier oil 3 drops marjoram essential oil 2 drops thyme essential oil 4 drops roman chamomile essential oil 4 drops cypress essential oil 3 drops lemon essential oil 2 drops peppermint ...
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Spring Blends and Fave Diffusers!

We LOVE SPRING! So let’s get our diffusers on board! Do you have a favorite diffuser blend!? Here are a few of ours! Breathe Easy: 3 drops breathe 3 drops lime 3 drops lemon   Spring Forest: 3 drops Douglas Fir 3 drops Grapefruit 3 drops Bergamot   May Flowers: 3 drops Lavendar 3 drops Bergamot 3 drops Ylang Ylang   Pair it with the perfect diffuser and you’re sure to find zen in your home or office! Here are some ...