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Feet: DIY Essential Oil Blends for Reflexology

Let’s talk FEET. We discuss using oils on your feet and Reflexology in today’s DIY Tuesday video. Learn how to make a muscle and stomach blend and check out some of Oil Life’s adorable roller bottles! Frosted Roller Bottles with Silver 3pk 15 ml Bamboo Roller Bottles 30 ml Roller Bottles 10 ml Multi Color Roller Bottles 10 ml Clear Roller Bottles Oil Vinyl Collection (5 options, 3 colors) Fractionated Coconut Oil- 8 oz ...
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Essential Oil Bug Bite Remedies

Are you sick of bug bites ruining your day? Here’s an essential oil bug repellant you’ll WANT to use! We have made two easy, organic recipes to protect your family and friends from summer pests. Use the Essential Oil Bug Repellant to keep away the bugs. If you get bitten, use our Essential Oil Bug Bite Stick to soothe the itchy sensation. Summer DIY Kit Summer Lookbook  Glass Ombre Bottles  3g Polypropylene Sample Jars  Lip Balm ...
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Sunshine and Essential Oils

It’s the middle of Summer and many are spending their time having fun in the sun. This week for DIY Tuesday, we made some essential oil sun care recipes to protect you and your loved ones from the hot summer rays. Summer DIY Kit  Neoprene Water Bottles Ombre Spray Bottles Summer Lookbook    Overheat Spray Recipe 1. Add 12 drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil, 9 drops of pure spearmint essential oil, 9 drops of pure peppermint ...
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Oils for Car Sickness: Road Trip Guide!

We love the prospect of taking summer trips to new places! But the idea of being in a car for endless hours? Not as appealing. Especially if you are someone who struggles with motion sickness. So we’re pulling out all the stops today to “cure” motion sickness with oils. Top 4 Oils for Carsickness  Digestive Blend Ginger Peppermint Lavender  These main 4, you may want to bring full sizes of. You can put these in a clutch ...
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Donut Diffuser Blend – Make it for National Donut Day

Happy National Donut Day! Do we have a treat in store for you!!! Our lovely donut diffuser blend… Yumm! Donut Diffuser Blend with Essential Oils Have you ever made a sweet treat diffuser blend?! Let us know in the comments below. Also, watch for a post all about essential oil blend making later this month! During our DIY Tuesday not only do we show you a fun way to recreate the donut smell in your home, we also show you how to use ...
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From Your Pantry Bronzer with Essential Oils

Just a few tips for applying essential oils to silk or paper flower arrangements! This might be a great idea for sharing and giving samples to your downline or potential customers. Apply to a cotton ball and tuck inside the flower petals. Put a few drops in a spray pump, fill the rest with water. Spritz the bouquet. Apply one drop of your choice essential oil to the center of a few flowers. Also, have you tried this amazing DIY bronzer?! All ...