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Aromatherapy On The Go

We all know how beneficial aromatherapy can be in our homes, but why does this have to end when we travel?  By using one of our car diffusers, you can still absorb health benefits; all while reaching your destination! Our Envy Car Diffuser holds 5ml of oils and is sold for $8.99.  This car diffuser requires no power and nothing, but essential oils!  Simply, clip the Envy to any car vent and the A/C in your car will diffuse the oils for you ...
Containers, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit

Staying Hydrated With Oil Life

Summer priorities range from concerts, to vacations, to BBQ lounges by the pool. However, one of the most important things you should do this summer is remain adequately hydrated!  To aid you in this healthy endeavor, Oil Life has a variety of water bottles to keep you refreshed while you are out and about in the heat!   First up, we have our doTerra Trimr 24 oz. Water Bottle, which is versatile as a reusable water bottle and a shaker ...
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Brand New Facial Gemstone Rollers

One of the things we love about you, our Oil Lifers, is your openness to alternative holistic medicine and methods, and our BRAND NEW facial rollers are no exception! Each of these facial rollers have their own stunning gemstone; Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Jade. Gemstones are traditionally a part of Chinese Medicine and are reputable for the energy they emulate, but in recent years, gemstone facial rollers are creating some buzz. Why? ...
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Convenience With Oil Life

  Whether you are a busy mom on the go, a doting grandmother, or a single guy who cares about his health, we can all agree on one thing: convenience makes life simple!  Here at Oil Life, we’ve taken this truth into consideration for you by designing several clutches and cases for your essential oils.     No more spills; no more bottles being lost in your “Mary Poppins” purse; no more essential oil rollers being damaged by knocking into ...
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Self-Love and Care

Valentine’s Day is over but that doesn’t mean the love needs to stop flowing. This week at Oil Life, we are discussing relationships. More specifically, our personal relationships with ourselves. Sometimes it feels like all we are good for is lending a hand to other people, and, as good as it is to give yourself to others, it is just as important to take some time out of your day to work on your relationship with yourself. Sometimes it feels ...
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Essential Oils Guide to Intimacy

Everyone wants to feel loved, right? With Valentine’s Day coming up in just a week, everyone is feeling extra lovey dovey this time of year. While cards, flowers, and cute little gifts seem to dominant the shelves of every drug store around during this lovely time of year, the expression of love is made up of a lot more than those material items. Romance is the key part of any relationship. And, as oil lovers do, we want to share with you ...