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Winter Cheeks Balm

One of the worst things about winter is the dry skin that comes with it. Fair features and light, sensitive skin is a strong genetic inheritance in my family. Luckily, my son inherited my good looks. Unluckily, Winter has taken its toll on his cheeks and face making them dry and chapped. I tried so many lotions and oils from the store to help his rosy, chapped cheeks. So far this season, none of them had really fixed the problem. Not a week ...
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Living The Dream

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is so crucial for mental and emotional health. Insomnia and restless sleep are a significant problem for women who experience depression or anxiety. When I was in my early 20’s I was living with a lot of stress. I was a new mother, barely married, going to school, working full-time, and still had to keep up with family matters. It’s understandable that all of this stress caused me to sleep restlessly. ...
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The Essential Life: Intimacy Blend

Between you and me, there are times in my relationship when I just need to add a little bit of extra “spice.” Historically, essential oils have been used to increase sensuality and passion by helping provide a lovely ambiance, relieve emotional exhaustion, and even increase libido. Different oils appeal to different people and it’s all about the journey of discovery to find out which oils work best for you and your partner. I’ve always had a ...