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Oil Life Tear Pads

Are you looking to incorporate teaching into your oil business? The Oil Life Tear Pads are the perfect tool to help make your lessons fun and effective.

With 25 sheets per pad, the Tear Pads are perfect for classes, one on ones, or to give to your friends!  We offer 7 different tear pads, providing a wide variety of topics to choose from.

The 7 Essential Oil Tear Pads

Essential Oils for Weight Management Tear Pad gives advice on how to use essential oils and supplements to maintain a healthy weight.

Essential Oils for The Guys Tear Pad gives helpful information on how guys can incorporate essential oils into their routine. Physical and mental health advice are provided to keep your man educated, healthy and happy.

Essential Oils for an Active Lifestyle Tear Pad provides advice on maintaining an active lifestyle.  The pad includes the benefits of regular exercise and the steps to creating a healthy routine.

Essential Oils for Intimacy Tear Pad includes information on using essential oils to create an intimate setting with your loved one. With multiple oil recommendations and recipes to try, this pad is perfect for a couples class.

Essential Oils for Stress Relief Tear Pad gives advice on how to better manage your stress. The Tear Pad talks about how to change your routine to improve your emotional health.

Essential Oils for Cleaning Tear Pad gives recommendations and recipes for cleaning with your essential oils. The pad highlights the benefits of natural cleaning showing why essential oils are the best option.

Essential Oils for Healthy Kids Tear Pad is great for those with kids. Essential Oils can be used in multiple ways to take care of your little ones and prevent future health problems.



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