Flying with Essential Oils

Flying with essential oils can be easy if you have the right supplies! This week’s Feature Friday showcases some of our awesome travel products as well as some tips and tricks for traveling with your oils.

Canvas Clutch
Sample Vial Keychain
1/4 Dram Amber Glass Sample Vials
Luxury Oil Travel Case
Oil Vinyl Collection
Shoots Bamboo Wipes in Tub
Diffuser Jewelry
Snap Clutch Vial Case
Foam Inserts

Airline Regulations


What does this mean?

3- ALL liquids carried-on (this doesn’t apply to checked luggage) must be oz or smaller.

1- ALL the liquids together have to fit in 1 quart sized ziploc bag

1-  1 quart sized bag allowed per passenger

Managing Space

Because all of the liquids you carry on have to fit in a 1 quart ziploc bag, managing space can be tough. Pack less frequently used oils in dram vials and condense shampoo, conditioner, and lotions, to travel sized bottles. Another helpful tip is to pre-make blends that call for oils you don’t use as often in small 1 dram bottles. This saves space for more of the 5ml sized bottles of the oils you use the most.

Note: Remember, you can pack all the liquids you want in your checked bags, but always put them in a ziploc bag. Planes have been delayed before because of a “strange odor” that turned out to just be oils!

Securely Packing Oils for Travel

Use a travel case with separate spaces for each oil to sit upright. Putting your oils all together in a bag puts them at risk of getting cracks from hitting each other, rough treatment, or getting turned upside down.

Alternatively, find a container of your own and purchase a foam holder (super secure, keeps the oils not only in place but also protected!)

Using Essential Oils During a Flight

One of the best tips is to have pre-prepared wipes, a terracotta pendant, or a handkerchief with oils already dropped on it. Doing this beforehand means you have something you can use for aromatherapy on the plane, without having to open your oil bottles during flight. This minimizes the chances of spills, others around you being overwhelmed by the potent smells, and your need to get up and wash your hands after using a hot oil.


Flying with essential oils can be easy with the right supplies! Check us out on to shop our travel essentials.



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