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Essential Oil Diffusers for Every Space

At Oil Life, we offer multiple different types of essential oil diffusers perfect for your home, workplace, or on the go. Watch the video below to learn about some fun ways to diffuse oils into your space.

Journey Car Diffuser

Home and Office Collection Diffuser- Base

Brilliant Vase

Creme Vase

Jax- Frog Diffuser

Harmony Diffuser

Spa Vapor Diffuser

AromaSphere Diffuser

Vela Candle *burns for 50 hours

Himalayan Salt Lamp

AromaWave Car Diffuser 

Sunflower Diffuser Necklace

Terracotta Necklace

Purchase all of these diffusers and more at Oillife.com

Want More Information?

Are you interested in buying one of our essential oil diffusers, but not sure which one to get? Click here to read our blog post about Oil Life diffuser options.

Thinking about getting a diffuser that’s perfect for on-the-go? Click here to read our blog post about portable and car diffusers.


Comment below and let us know which diffuser is your favorite!

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