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Prep for doTERRA You 2017 Convention

We are only a few days away from the biggest week of the year! At Oil Life, we love doTERRA Convention week and all of the fun it brings. Get excited for a full week of fun, giveaways, and lots of essential oils!

Love The Oil LIfe V Neck:

The Essential Life Book- Spanish:

Luxury Oil Travel Case:

Chic Vegan Leather Clutch:

Love The Oil Life Keychain:

Essential Oil Ceramic Mug:

Chic Vegan Leather Tote:

doTERRA Branded Hoodie:

Unisex Mandala Shirt:

Snap Clutch Vial Case:

Diffuser Necklace:

Sample Vial Keychain:

DoTERRA Yoga Headband:

doTERRA Glass Water Bottle:

Essential Oil Tool Key Chain:

The Essential Life Book:

Other products featured in our video will be available at Convention or on!



We will be located at:

265 W. S. Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.

Follow the chalk footprints and Oil Life logos, or plug the address into your phone map! We look forward to seeing you there!


Oil Life Tent Hours:

Wednesday, September 6th: 8 am-11 pm

Thursday, September 7th: 8 am-11 pm

Friday, September 8th: 8 am-11 pm

Saturday, September 9th: 8 am-8 pm


Pleasant Grove Store Hours:

Monday, September 4th (Labor Day): 9 am-6 pm

Tuesday, September 5th: 9 am-6 pm

Wednesday, September 6th: 8 am-10 pm

Thursday, September 7th: 9 am-6 pm

Friday, September 8th: 9 am-6 pm

Saturday, September 9th: 9 am-2 pm


What to Pack:

Utah weather in September should be high 70’s to mid 80’s, so pack accordingly! We recommend lightweight t-shirts, good walking shoes, and light jackets for your chilly evenings. Whether you bring your Oil Life shirt or buy it at the Oil Life tent, you will be ready to take on Convention week in style. Pack up your oils and bring them with you using some of our great cases or foam inserts. With all of the amazing new products and deals, you’ll definitely want to take home some Oil Life product! Leave the extra suitcase at home and use our in-tent UPS service. Easily send your new purchases back to your house, hassle free.


What to Expect at the Oil Life Tent:


For doTERRA Convention week, we will be giving away hundreds of dollars-worth of merchandise free to our Oil Life fans! Ready to get involved? Check out our Key Giveaway on Facebook! 200 people will win keys to unlock 20 locks with big prizes. The Vendor Raffle is another favorite, as we will be giving away a cruise to a lucky winner! We are having a giveaway for those attending convention online, where followers can win big prizes for tuning in to our Facebook videos and posts! Follow us on social media for more information on our online giveaways. If you’re coming to see us in person, we will reward you for standing in line! Get excited for spontaneous giveaways and lots of free stuff!

Connect Your Oil Life

Check out our Connect Your Oil Life poster, featuring Instagram pictures from our followers! We are playing a big game of Bingo: come autograph your photo on Instagram grid poster in the tent! If seven pictures in a row are autographed, all seven people will receive a free 4th edition of the Essential Life Book.

Oil Life Ice Cream

Have you been into our Pleasant Grove store to try the ice cream? We are bringing soft serve with us to Convention! Come get a free ice cream cone to cool off and taste our delicious essential oil flavors.

Custom Embroidery Station

At the Oil Life tent, get all of your swag embroidered with custom designs to fit your brand! Pick from shirts, jackets, hats and other clothing items to personalize for your essential oil business needs. Taking only 3-11 minutes per design, this embroidery station is a must see!

Business Resources Station

Come see our Business Resource Station! Make your own business cards, banners, and other tools that will make your life as a wellness advocate THAT much easier. We will ship your customized business materials straight to your house, so you won’t have to worry about getting them home.

New Never-Before-Seen Product

Last but not least, we have hundreds of new products coming in! Come see the Oil Life tent to purchase items that haven’t been released online or in store yet. Click here for a sneak peek of some of the amazing Convention product coming soon.

RSVP on Facebook to find out the latest scoop:


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