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The Essential Living Kits, Perfect for Teaching a Class

Oil Life’s new Essential Living Kits are the perfect step-by-step guides to teaching classes on using essential oils in your daily life. In today’s Feature Friday video, we talk about the new kits and how to use them effectively with your Essential Life book.

Essential Living Kits

The Essential Life 4th Edition

The Essential Life 3rd Edition


About the Essential Living Kits

These essential oil class kits include 11 waterproof labels, 10 table tent recipe cards, 10 worksheets and recipes, a flyer with instructions and tips for you as the instructor, and a digital e-vite image to get your oil friends excited to attend. These informational class sets will keep your students engaged and informed. With specific oil suggestions, recipes, and advice for each kit, your oilers will feel empowered to use essential oils in different aspects of their lives.

Choose from 6 different kits:

Personal Care

Pregnancy and Baby

The Guys

Holiday Essentials




Which Essential Living Kit do you need for your next class? Let us know in the comments below!

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