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The Growing Essential Life Family

The Essential Life family just got a lot bigger! We are saying hello to the new Essential Life 4th Edition, the Essential Basics, the Essential Life Quick Reference, and the Essential Life Bookmark in today’s video. Here’s all of the details on our new products as well a little bit about the Essential Life 3rd edition and the Essential Life 3rd edition in Spanish.

The Essential Life 4th Edition

The Essential Basics

The Essential Quick Reference 

The Essential Life Bookmark

The Essential Life 3rd Edition

The Essential Life 3rd Edition- Spanish


The Essential Life 4th Edition

Although the cover may look the same as the 3rd edition book, the Essential Life 4th Edition is jam-packed with new information that makes it a must-buy.

Some highlights include:

• Pages and recipes for the new oils announced at the doTERRA 2017 Convention.

• Essential oil classifications to help users substitute oils with similar properties or create their own blends.

• A page to help oilers figure out why they aren’t seeing results with their oils or advice for trying oils in a different way.


The Essential Basics

The Essential Basics is the perfect travel companion for on-the-go essential oil use. 

Some highlights include:

• Condensed Essential Life 4th Edition content, with all of the same essential information you could need when out and about.  

• Small size to allow you to throw this book in your purse or take it in your suitcase wherever you’re going.

• A note section is included in the back for taking notes in class, recording new contacts, or writing down new oil ideas.


The Essential Life Quick Reference

The Essential Life Quick Reference is the most condensed version of The Essential Life, perfect to give away to possible oil friends you come in contact with.

Some highlights include:

• All of the important information in the introduction of the Essential Life 4th edition is included, perfect for new oiler education.

• Oil and blend suggestions for every ailment, straight from the Essential Life book quick reference section.

• Made for-one-on ones, with a place on the back to write oil suggestions and contact information to give to prospective oil users.

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