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Oil Sharing Solutions: Oil Life’s New Sample Solution Cards

Hey essential oil business builders, have you heard about our new Sample Solution Cards? Here’s how they work and why you need them.

¼ Dram Vials

Sample Solution Cards 

Essential Oil Cards

 Sticker Book


Why do I need the Sample Solution Cards?

Use this sharing solution to give essential oil samples, oil information cards, and your contact information in one simple package. 

These essential oil cards hold 3 quarter drams and 2 perfume vials, allowing you to give a total of 5 oil samples to your prospective oil user. The card fits up to 5 sample sharing information cards and a business card, providing your possible customer everything they need to know about the sample oils and their essential oil contact in one place. The Sampling Solution card allows you to share any single oil or blend you choose, making them customizable for any situation where conversation about oils may arise.

Whether you gift these essential oil sample cards to people in person or slide them in a mailer and ship them, these sample packages look like the perfect gift to make your customer excited.


What do you love most about the new Sampling Solution Cards? Let us know in the comments below.

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