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The Whisper is Back! And Other New Oil Life Diffusers

Who loves to diffuse? We do!

We have a whole new line of small diffusers, perfect for in your home, at the office or on the go. Essential oil users, meet the Whisper, the Sprout, and the Blossom!

Here’s the low-down on each device and why you need it.


The Whisper Diffuser

The Whisper Diffuser is back to stay! This diffuser has always been a crowd favorite due to it’s quiet diffusing abilities and low price tag. This device is nearly silent, making it the perfect accessory for your child’s room or your bedside table. Some other benefits of the Whisper include:

  • 4 hour run time
  • Color rotating or color stay lights
  • Automatic shut off when water runs out

Coming in at only $19.99, this diffuser combines quality and affordability. Purchase the Whisper here.


The Sprout Diffuser

The Sprout is a newer addition to the Oil Life family. This diffuser is the perfect accessory for your desk at work or your car as you drive. Powered by USB, the Sprout can be easily plugged in wherever you’re at! Other benefits include:

  • Water-less diffusing-  Includes a wick that goes directly into a 5 ml essential oil bottle
  • Small and portable
  • Potent oil release

Costing $16.99, the Sprout is an inexpensive option that can be used any time, anywhere. Purchase the Sprout here.


The Blossom Diffuser

The Blossom Diffuser is one of Oil Life’s newest diffusers. With it’s strong diffusing power and beautiful design, the Blossom is the perfect diffuser to light up any room. Other benefits include:

  • Color rotating or color say lights
  • 12 ml per hour misting output
  • USB powered

The Blossom will add beauty and aromatherapy to any room. Purchase the Blossom here.


Whether you choose the Whisper, the Sprout or the Blossom, you’ll have an amazing aromatherapy experience. Which diffuser is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.


Looking for larger diffusers? We’ve got those too! Read about them here.

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