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Essential Oils Internally: Vegetarian Capsules for Beginners


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Why Vegetarian Capsules?

A couple of the benefits to taking essential oils in a vegetarian capsule are that:

  • Bypasses unpleasant taste
  • Enables oils to go to the right area of the body for greater absorption

Make sure you’re using only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The label on your oil should state whether or not it is safe to use internally. A good indication is if the label lists supplement facts that look similar to the standard nutrition information label.


How to use Vegetarian Capsules

There are 2 parts to a vegetarian capsule. the skinnier, taller bottom half holds the oils, and the wider, shorter half fits over the top and acts as a cap. Only fill the bottom half of the capsule. Drop oils directly from the bottle or try using a dropper. Seal the capsule by capping the bottom half with the wider top half. Your capsule is ready to go! Swallow your vegetarian capsule immediately after filling, as they are designed to dissolve quickly.


Vegetarian Capsule Tips

  • Consult a healthcare professional before taking essential oils internally.
  • Dilution of essential oils in capsules is still important. Use a few drops of essential oil and fill the rest with olive oil.
  • Follow label warnings listed on the bottle for correct use of oils.
  • Take smaller amounts more often, it’s more effective than more drops of oil at one time.
  • Use the Essential Life Book for tips on which oils to take internally and information on how they will benefit you.


Which oils do you like to take internally? Tell us in the comments below.

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