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DIY Essential Oil Perfume Tips

Have you ever tried making your own essential oil perfume? Here’s a few tips and tricks to get started.

What You’ll Need:

**The Vintage Glass Bottle with Pump Mister featured in video is OUT OF STOCK. 


DIY Perfume Tips

1. Include at least one top note, middle note and base note.

Top, middle and base fragrance notes help essential oil users differentiate oils by their aroma. A combination of these different oil classifications in a single perfume create depth and a long-lasting aroma.

Although there are a few exceptions, top notes are typically citrus oils and floral notes, middle notes are floral oils and spices, and base notes are spices, roots and woods.

Add your oils from base to top when combining them.

More information on essential oil notes and classification can be found in the Essential Life Book.


2. Add alcohol or Witch Hazel to preserve your scent.

Alcohol and Witch Hazel aren’t necessary, but can be helpful if you want your scent to last longer. Use about 1 oz of alcohol or Witch Hazel for every 20 drops of essential oils that you use.


3. Let your perfume mixture sit for a few days before using it.

Mix all of your oils together in a bottle to get a scent you like, and then store it in a cool, dark place for 5-7 days to let the scents meld. The scent of the alcohol or Witch Hazel will fade and the scents of the oils will intensify.


4. Use proper tools to preserve your oils.

When creating your perfume, be aware of the bottle you choose. Smaller openings might need the help of transfer pipettes or a mini funnel. For perfume bottle options and tools, visit

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