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Nourish Your Nails: Natural Growth Serum

How do you nourish your nails?

We made an all-natural essential oil nail growth serum to help strengthen your natural nails. This recipe and many more will be included in the new Winter 2018 DIY Kit.

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Nourish Your Nails Recipe


2oz dropper bottle

15 drops Lavender

10 drops Lemon

4 drops Myrrh

2 tbsp avocado oil


Mix essential oils in 2-ounce glass bottle with a dropper lid. Fill remainder of bottle with carrier oil. Shake vigorously for two minutes.  Let sit 24 hours. Apply 1 drop of mixture per nail; massage in each nail for one minute. Follow with moisturizer.


How do you take care of your nails? Let us know in the comments below.


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