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Remedies and Oils

It’s finally 2018. A new year a new you, right? You have all your resolutions written down, your planner is stocked full with meetings, scheduled fitness time, running errands, and even that 10 minute meditation you so desperately need each day. You think to yourself,

“Nothing can knock me down! I am strong, capable, and will not back down from the challenge to take on a new year.”

Your confidence is soaring and your head is held high. And even though you have done all of your preparation, dotted all your is and crossed all your ts, you can feel something deep inside of you begin to creep up and attempt to put a halt in your new year’s goals and routines. What is that monster that seems to always bite you no matter what? Yep, you’ve guessed it; cold and flu season. No matter how many baths we take or green smoothies we drink, January poses as the perfect trap for all things icky and sick-y. With the entire country either seeing a tremendous amount of snow or unusually cold weather this winter, sickness is almost inevitable. But, a little cold should not stop you from anything and we are here to show you how your oils can be a great tool to get rid of those nasty germs.


For those days that you just want to keep the curtains closed and curl up in bed with a box of tissues, here is what we recommend:



Oil Life Blossom Diffuser

3 drops of Peppermint

3 drops of Eucalyptus

3 drops of Melaleuca


Add combination of oils into diffuser and let run for full time.



½ cup of honey

8 drops of Peppermint

8 drops of Lemon

8 drops of Frankincense

3 drops of Clove

3 drops of Wild Orange

1 drop of Cinnamon


Mix and take 1 teaspoon every three hours as needed.


Here are some additionally recommendations we have for those gloomy, cold days that never seem to go away.

    1. Hot tea: adding a couple drops of lemon or peppermint to hot tea can not only warm you up but help relieve a sore throat
    2. Get steamy: whether it be a hot shower, sauna/steam room, or just your humidifier, we recommend adding eucalyptus to your steamy blend to make breathing a little easier.
    3. Keep it clean: don’t forget to clean your diffuser! As much as we love using them everyday, we can actually add germs and bacteria back into the air if we do not regularly wash out the bowl of the diffuser.


For more information about cold and sickness remedies with your oils, check out our oil bible, The Essential Life Book, for all kinds of tips and tricks to help you beat sickness no matter what the season!

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