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January 11, 2019


NEW Oil Life Website!

Oil Life is all about supporting YOU and that’s why we redesigned our website — to better serve you! Now, find what you’re looking for easily and use our live chat feature for whatever you need! We’re here to deliver quality customer support that’s not only helpful, but easy! Use our live chat feature (represented as a Facebook Messenger icon at the bottom right of Oil Life’s webpage) and speak directly ...

Top Tips for Creating Momentum

Sometimes we get stuck and it’s difficult to gain momentum again. That’s why we outlined some top tips to help you get your groove back and advance your rank this year! Check them out! Sample Sharing Challenge Start by hosting a sample sharing challenge! Inspire your team members to hand out 30 samples in 30 days! Challenge as many people as you can and remember to tell your team to prepare 30 samples prior to the challenge start ...