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Spring Lookbook is HERE!

The Spring 2019 Lookbook is finally HERE! Use this lookbook to CHECK OUT some of our NEW (and favorite) products added this spring and so much more! Online viewing version of the Spring Lookbook is AVAILABLE NOW! Get the print version here!

What the Spring Lookbook Has

The Spring Lookbook is a GREAT tool for checking out some of our new AND favorite products (and discovering why we love them so much). One of our absolute FAVORITE new products featured in this lookbook is our New Oracle of the Essences Cards! These new cards are SO AWESOME! Why?

Our New Oracle of the Essences Cards are not only BEAUTIFUL, but they tell you what EACH essential oil is great for! Use them for readings OR as reference cards! Each set of cards comes with a booklet that teaches you how to do various readings, as well as the divinatory meaning and affirmation associated with each essential oil.

For Readings:
  1. Choose what type of reading you’d like to do
  2. Lay the cards out accordingly (instructions in booklet)
  3. Create a blend using the oils from the cards you’ve laid out
For Reference:

Use the New Oracle of the Essences Cards booklet to find the essential oil you’re curious about and then read about it. You’ll find a description, divinatory meaning and affirmation associated with each essential oil.

Want to see ALL the products featured in our Spring 2019 Lookbook?

Check out the Spring Lookbook Collection!

Spring DIY Make + Take Class

Did you know the Spring Lookbook also has its very own Spring DIY Download so that YOU can do a Spring DIY Make + Take Class?! This download has EVERYTHING you need to throw a fun DIY Make + Take Class this spring! So what DOES it have?

The Spring DIY Download includes:
  • Oil Life Shopping List
  • Project Labels (print on adhesive paper)
  • Project Recipe Cards
  • Gift Tags
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Gift Boxes
  • Project Table Display Cards

Simply print everything out and follow the Oil Life Shopping List which lists EVERYTHING you’ll need! Then look over the recipe cards to see what essential oils you’ll need! P.S. The print version of the Spring 2019 Lookbook comes with a single set of ready-to-use labels for the recipes included in the Spring DIY Download. And it’s just one dollar!! How cool is that?!


Are you ready to get started?!

Snag a print copy of the lookbook here OR see the free online version here


Get the Spring DIY Download here!



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