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August 6, 2019


What’s Working Wednesday with Aimee Crouch

Essential Oil Business Tips Aimee Crouch, Owner at Beautifully Natural Oils, gives you tips and tricks for your essential oil business. In our interview, Aimee talks about . . . Keeping your favorite oils in your purse The importance of knowing your personal strengths Building a website to make it EASY for people to follow your journey, look up classes, schedule appointments and MORE! WATCH video to see the interview!   P.S. Find Aimee ...
Health & Wellness, Kids

Top 3 Essential Oils for Infections

Essential Oils for Infections Do you have a cut or scraped that’s gotten infected? If you’re looking for a natural remedy, we have three essential oils for infections that can help. If you have an infection, apply or intake 1-2 drops (for children) or 2-3 drops (for adults) of one of these essential oils: Oregano (diluted) Protective Blend Cinnamon (diluted) Learn More in the Essential Life Get more essential oil tips from The ...