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October 24, 2019

Health & Wellness

Top 5 Essential Oils for Food Poisoning

Essential Oils for Food Poisoning Did you know essential oils can help ease your food poisoning symptoms? Check out these five essential oils for food poisoning that will help you start feeling better. If you have food poisoning, apply (or take with 8 ounces of water) 1-2 drops of any of these essential oils to help ease your symptoms: DigestZen Zendocrine Melaleuca Clove (diluted) Lemon (diluted) Learn More in the Essential Life Get more ...

What’s Working Wednesday with Courtney Clegg

Essential Oil Business Tips Cortney Clegg, doTERRA Diamond, gives you tips for your essential oil business. In our interview, Cortney talks about . . . Throwing customer appreciation events Prize giveaways for booking classes The importance of making time for yourself and more! WATCH video to see the interview!   P.S. Find her on Instagram and @myessentialbirth