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Feature Friday

Feature Friday

In control of your next experience: The Belief Blueprint

“Why does success seem to come easily to some, while eluding so many others? The truth is that all successful individuals are using the same process to create successful outcomes again and again.” – The Belief Blueprint by Spencer Pettit. Spencer Pettit discovered The Belief Blueprint while building his oil business. New and hungry for faster progress, he found the correlation between belief and success. Knowledge of this ...
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I Am Fabulous: Healing the Body and Spirit with Essential Oils

If you haven’t met Desiree Mangandog, just know she has some serious oil, emotion, and health insights. Watch the video below for a peek at our interview with her and to learn more about her book “I Am Fabulous.” “I Am Fabulous” is a blend book, which includes specific meridians (locations on the body for applications of oils) that Mangandog says provide quick results. Her training in Chinese medicine has ...
Feature Friday

Candle Gazing Tutorial With Vela Essential Oil Candles

It’s Friday, and we’ve got one foot in the weekend, and one foot in all the things that need to get done before we actually get there. This is a perfect time to pull out a candle! Candle gazing, combined with aromatherapy (you can do this by using an essential oil candle), can help improve vision, concentration, self-confidence, decision making, work-efficiency, and insomnia– all by just taking a couple minutes to ...
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Building Your Oil Business With Exercise Wellness

Learn how to build your oil business with TERRAfit! Terrafit is fun and new way of introducing oils into people’s’ lives. Teach about healthy lifestyle while introducing oils into their everyday lives. Terrafit uses oils and supplements to help people while working out and eating healthy. This is a great way to introduce people to oils in a new and inventive way.Become a coach with Terrafit. This way you can have your own team to teach ...
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Essential Oil Rollerball Recipes for Kids

We love this Kids Rollerball Kit! The kit includes all the paper materials that you need to host a workshop for 10 people and make 10 roll-on blends (plus 1 bonus spray). Spray and blends: Bug Off Spray, Cool Kiddo, Growing Kiddo, Happy Belly, Happy Ears, Happy Kiddo, Happy Nose, Healthy Kiddo, Homework Helper, Soothe and Ease, Sweet Dreams.  Find it here:
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Progeny’s Potions from Universal Studios

We absolutely adore this children’s fantasy roller bottle kit from EO Tools! You can find this awesome make & take kit here: