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What’s Working Wednesday with Dr. Mariza

Essential Oil Business Tips Dr. Mariza, author of The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, tells us what’s working for her essential oil business. Dr. Mariza tells us how she gets people excited about essential oils, the importance of never giving up on your essential oil business and much more. WATCH video to see the interview!   P.S. Find Dr. Mariza on Instagram @drmariza and Facebook @drmarizasnyder AND Find her book here!
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The Power Of Beliefs!

Our beliefs are the fundamental routines and systems through which we process all of life! Are your beliefs building you or bashing you!? Perhaps some rewiring may be in order! Why does success seem to come easily to some, while eluding so many others? The truth is that all successful individuals are using the same process to create successful outcomes again and again!! In the Belief Blueprint, successful entrepreneur and belief expert, ...
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How to Grow Your Business

You are what you . . . READ! Start reading books that reflect what YOU want to accomplish! Are you ready to reach your next rank? We’ve got several AWESOME books that will help you make it happen! Check out some of our must-have books for any business builder. Must-Have Books for Business Building The Belief Blueprint by Spencer Pettit is our first must-have book. Learn how to build belief in yourself through a simple, step-by-step ...
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Cool Products!

The Spring Look Book is almost Here and we’re SO EXCITED about the products in it! Click HERE to check out all the new products for Spring! The Oil Tower is a beautiful, creative and functional display! Whether you find sampling easy with our Essential Oil Cd Case, love sharing knowledge with our Oil Sharing Cards, or need a new pack of Stickers, we got you covered! Everyone’s fallen in love with The Emotions Book and ...
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Spring Lookbook is HERE!

The Spring 2019 Lookbook is finally HERE! Use this lookbook to CHECK OUT some of our NEW (and favorite) products added this spring and so much more! Online viewing version of the Spring Lookbook is AVAILABLE NOW! Get the print version here!   Want to see ALL the products featured in our Spring 2019 Lookbook? Check out the Spring Lookbook Collection!   Spring DIY Make + Take Class Did you know the Spring Lookbook also has its very ...
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How to Help More People get on LRP

Getting your friends and family on LRP is the BEST way grow your business and allow for you raise your rank! So how do you do it?! Great question! We think the following steps will help! Here’s a fun video on the topic as well!  1- Show up and serve by helping solve your friends and families health problems! Give a wellness consult concerning what their health goals are and provide solutions to their problems. What better way to ensure ...