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Share the Gift of Health!!

How to Share Essential Oils Effectively! 1. Always include an A-Z Guide / Quick Reference booklet Quick Reference Guide 2. Always include your contact information Need a website ?! Sequoia Soul .com can help! Each website comes with matching business cards! 3. Ask to follow-up (permission base) “check in” 4. Invite to learn more at a class or one-on-one Fun Ways to Share! 1. Diffuser loaning ( get extra diffuser and load with ...
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Traveling with your Oils!

We know you need your oils with you everywhere you go! It’s nearly impossible to pick a top 10 when you use them daily! Here are some helpful tips, tricks and treasures we’ve got to help you out! How to Travel with your Oils on a Plane: Transport Security Administration: You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to ...
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Learn More with Oil Games

Our “I’ve Got an Oil for That” card game makes learning about essential oils fun and exciting! The perfect excuse to throw a game night and invite friends, family or team members over! Great for Playing . . . Before or after DIY classes With both novice & expert oil users On a night in with friends & family AND it makes classes more FUN & ENGAGING. How to Play Every Player Gets 5 Essential Oil Cards 1st Player ...
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Boost Classes with DIY – Make and Take!

It’s a new year and we KNOW you’re all planning to go Diamond this year!! Can we get a “LET’S DO IT!!” SO first things first! What are some creative ways you plan to increase the effectiveness of your classes and expand your network!? Have you considered adding a DIY that your friends, family and consumers can make and take home with them after class!? We just LOVE our DIY kits and we CAN’T WAIT to share ...
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Book More Classes and Grow Your Business

One sure way to grow your business is by BOOKING MORE CLASSES! You NEED to book classes, and regularly, if you want your business to continue growing. Here are some tips to make it happen. Class Booking Blitz Host a class booking blitz! You may recognize this tip from our Creating Momentum blog and that’s because this is a GREAT way to book more classes! See who can book the most classes by holding a text blitz challenge! We recommend ...

NEW Oil Life Website!

Oil Life is all about supporting YOU and that’s why we redesigned our website — to better serve you! Now, find what you’re looking for easily and use our live chat feature for whatever you need! We’re here to deliver quality customer support that’s not only helpful, but easy! Use our live chat feature (represented as a Facebook Messenger icon at the bottom right of Oil Life’s webpage) and speak directly ...