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Feature Friday: Get a Healthier You with iTOVi

Have you been wanting a simple, easy way to pique the interest of your prospects or to help your new people want to enroll in LRP? iTOVi is your personal product expert.  With a simple scan, this hand-held, pocket-sized tool will help you easily show your prospects and new customers to see exactly what products their body wants.  It works on all Android/Apple mobile devices, and takes all the guesswork out of essential oils and supplements. ...
Business, Feature Friday, Health & Wellness

Feature Friday: Shed Weight & Live Empowered

Your body wants healthy weight even more than you do.  Learn to work WITH your body. Quinn Curtis, the creator of the Live Empowered series, talks about how to use the Shed Weight + Live Empowered handout to teach the principles of Strengthen, Release, & Support.  Learn to teach how to listen to & support your body to create the health and lifestyle you desire. Comes in a paper handout OR in a downloadable format.
Business, Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Build Your Business Most Effectively!

Do you wish you had a proven success path to follow to achieve your goals? Your doTERRA success is built on the principle of duplication.  In this Launch Guide you will find a proven road map that will teach you the process of achieving Elite rank, which is the foundation of all the ranks in doTERRA.  Then you can duplicate what you’ve done to help others achieve Elite, too. The Launch Guide is intended for beginners in the business, ...
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Feature Friday: Teach a more personalized class using the Natural Solutions Booster Pages

The Booster Pages are a simple way to teach classes to target markets, while still staying completely duplicate-able for your team to follow. There are 5 classes available: Muscles & Joints – good for people looking to relieve & renew their muscles and joins (i.e. athletes, elderly, etc.) Active & Energized – great for people trying to get fit, have more energy, achieve their ideal weight, and feel amazing in their ...
Business, Feature Friday

Feature Friday: NEW products highlighted

Lots of cool NEW stuff is in! Try the Vegan Leather Totes.  They come in two chic color combos – brown w/ a blue interior and grey w/ a black interior.  They are the perfect size for taking all your supplies to classes or for being out on the town.  They even have interior pockets for your cell phone and keys, or whatever! There are two NEW water bottles – Citrus Bliss and Elevation.  They are glass water bottles with Neoprene ...
Business, Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Highlighting LeadTrain to build your business

Are you trying to build a business while still balancing a life outside of doTERRA? Would you like to be more organized in the way you grow your business? LeadTrain is a powerful tool for helping you to nurture relationships and build your business effectively.  It’s not just contact management softward; it’s a way to create stronger relationships and improve your life in general. Have you asked yourself these questions: What ...