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Helping Husband

So a few weeks ago my fabulous husband was cooking dinner for me. In his valiant efforts to create the perfect night, he spilled some of the sauce in the oven and forgot to clean it up. Later in the week, in preparing dinner for my family, I innocently checked on the casserole in the oven and was surprised to find clouds of smoke billowing out of the oven the second I opened it. Needless to say, we really needed to clean the oven! So we ...
DIY, Health & Wellness

Winter Cheeks Balm

One of the worst things about winter is the dry skin that comes with it. Fair features and light, sensitive skin is a strong genetic inheritance in my family. Luckily, my son inherited my good looks. Unluckily, Winter has taken its toll on his cheeks and face making them dry and chapped. I tried so many lotions and oils from the store to help his rosy, chapped cheeks. So far this season, none of them had really fixed the problem. Not a week ...

Holiday DIY Blend

This blend inspires the joy of the holidays while also stimulating immunity. It’s festive, warming, and spicy to give you that magical Christmas feel. The Holiday Blend helps the most with headaches, migraine and can be used as a stress reliever and even a sleep aid! As you prepare gifts, meals, and attend parties throughout this month, don’t let the stress get to you and try this out. Main Ingredients: Wild orange Pine Cassia Cinnamon bark ...

From Musky Movember to Clean-Cut December

Throughout the month of November, thousands of men everywhere stow away razors and let their beards take over to support awareness for men’s health. The biggest advocates for this are No-Shave November and Movember, charitable organizations focused on raising men’s health awareness. Whether your man is follicularly-challenged or easily grew that rugged beard, it’s finally time for the razors to come out of storage! So take a picture of that ...