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Feature Friday: Shed Weight & Live Empowered

Your body wants healthy weight even more than you do.  Learn to work WITH your body. Quinn Curtis, the creator of the Live Empowered series, talks about how to use the Shed Weight + Live Empowered handout to teach the principles of Strengthen, Release, & Support.  Learn to teach how to listen to & support your body to create the health and lifestyle you desire. Comes in a paper handout OR in a downloadable format.
Feature Friday, Health & Wellness

Feature Friday: Get a Healthier You with TERRAfit!

January is a great time to start a NEW fitness program!  Have you tried the TERRAfit program yet? TERRAfit is a great way to get fit!  It uses a revolutionary 4×4 interval system.  Work with a team to get synergy & accountability and win prizes. Go to to get all the details and to sign up for a challenge. If you’re looking for a super-cute workout pull-over with a great fit and style, try the Striped Pullover.  
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DIY Tuesday: Detox Recipes for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Today’s video will show you how to make some recipes for detoxing. Heavy Metal Detox Roller Ball Skin Detox Shower Scrub You’ll need a 10 mL Roller Bottle for the first one (try the Ombre ones – they’ll add some pizazz with their gorgeous colors) and an 8 oz Jar for the second one. If you want a printed version of the recipes, check out the Essential Life book.
DIY, DIY Tuesday, Health & Wellness, Home Making, Recipes

DIY Tuesday: Ginger & Wild Orange Candle & Room Spray

Today we’re making yummy holiday aromatherapy recipes to make everything smell nice!  They’re also great for creative gift ideas! Holiday Room Spray Ginger & Wild Orange Candle Holiday Download – This is where you can go to get the recipes, printable stickers, gift boxes for roller bottles, and table tents.  This is ideal for a DIY class.  There are also raffle tickets included so you can raffle off finished gifts at ...
DIY, DIY Tuesday, Health & Wellness, Home Making, Recipes

DIY Tuesday: Personal Care for the Holidays – focus on the My Base products

Are you looking for an easy way to customize your personal care products without all the work of making them from scratch? My Base Organic Body Wash is $17.95, and is a great way of using essential oils quickly and easily while you go about your daily routine.  Just add the oils to the bottle, and go! My Base Probiotic Deodorant is $19.95 for the 2 oz jar.  This special mix of body-friendly ingredients with natural oils and butters is used ...
Feature Friday, Health & Wellness, Home Making

Feature Friday: All-Natural Candles & NEW Product!

Today’s Feature Friday is a highlight of 3 new products – the Vela candles, the Ombre glassware, and the Holiday 2016 Download. The Vela Soy wax candles come in 3 scents – Peppermint, Lavender, Melaleuca.  They have cotton wicks and all-natural ingredients so you can burn without concern!  They are highly scented, and smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We LOVE the NEW Ombre glassware.  It comes in 3 gorgeous color combos in all the sizes ...