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Diffuser Blend for Sleep

Diffuser Blend for Sleep Having trouble sleeping? Try this essential oil diffuser blend for sleep! This blend will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. We got this diffuser blend from our Everyday Diffuser Blends booklet! Find this blend and over 100 more in this little book of blends! Check it out here! Our Favorite Diffusers Check out some of our favorite diffusers! Whether you need one for your bedroom, kitchen or the bathroom we have a ...
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Top 5 Essential Oils for Exhaustion

Essential Oils for Exhaustion Looking for a natural remedy for exhaustion? We’ve got five essential oils for exhaustion you should try! Struggling with exhaustion? Diffuse or apply (under nose) 2-3 drops of one of these essential oils for exhaustion: Encouraging Blend Inspiring Blend Basil (diluted)  Invigorating Blend Wild Orange Learn More in the Essential Life Get more essential oil tips from The Essential Life. Find tips for every ...
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Top 5 Essential Oils for Insect Bites

Essential Oils for Insect Bites Summer is almost here and that means camping! That also means you’re likely to get a few insect bites. If you’re in search of a natural remedy for bites, we have 5 essential oils for insect bites to try. Insect bites are frustrating and it’s difficult not to scratch them. So, try applying one or more of these essential oils topically to help relieve the itching and swelling: Lavender ...
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Essential Oils for Rashes

Spring time is here and that means one thing . . . allergies! Did you know more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies?! Many of these people even experience rashes! Do you suffer from seasonal rashes? Then we’ve got a few essential oils that may help relieve your symptoms! Seasonal rashes are frustrating and prevent you from fully enjoying spring time. If you experience seasonal rashes and are curious about trying a natural ...
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Emotional Health Tips for Kids

Emotional health is important, especially for kids as they learn and grow into being adults. We want them to be emotionally healthy and happy, so how can we help make them the emotional super heroes we all want them to be? That’s where the Emotional Super Powers book comes in; this book helps teach your kids how to cope with difficult emotions and strengthen their emotional super powers. But what is an emotional super power? Well, ...
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Oils and Exercise !

Essential Oils work SO well for before, after and during your fitness routines! You’ll find some GREAT tips for fitness in The Essential Life Book!  Here’s one of our Faves! AND a fun video for more on this topic!    Post Workout Rub 1 ounce carrier oil 3 drops marjoram essential oil 2 drops thyme essential oil 4 drops roman chamomile essential oil 4 drops cypress essential oil 3 drops lemon essential oil 2 drops peppermint ...