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Emotional Health

February is a brilliant time of year to melt in LOVE for YOURSELF as well as Your Special Someone! Can we get real for a moment though?! Who knows you’ve GOT TO align YOU before you can give your love away!? Emotional health is not only TOTALLY NORMAL, it’s a necessary part of being HUMAN! Pampering yourself by addressing your emotional balance is the BEST WAY to ensure you’re leading each day from a centered, focused and ...
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Emotional Health Classes and Support Tools/Shed Emotional Weight

February is such a lovely time of year! Are you feeling the Love!? Are you giving your Love away!? Perhaps you desire to Love Yourself more by living more empowered, managing your weight or pampering yourself by addressing your emotional balance !? We couldn’t agree more ! It’s the perfect time of year to share the love all around ! Check out the FaBuLoUs options we have to stimulate your month of LOVE! Our Essential Oils for ...
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Massage – The Healing Power of Touch

February is all about romance . . . but it’s also about emotional and physical health! What’s one thing that’s great for all three of these things? Massage therapy! Here are just a few of the benefits that massage therapy provides: Benefits of Massage Stress Relief – One of the greatest benefits of massage is its ability to relieve stress. Whether your stress is caused by elements at work or in the home, massage is a ...
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Share the Love of Oils

This month is all about sharing the love . . . of oils! Share your love of oils this month by hosting a DIY class and a “30 Samples in 30 Days” sample sharing challenge! To start, here are our top 3 DIY kits for classes this February: Top 3 DIY Kits for February Intimacy DIY Kit – The main topic of February is love which means people are also talking about intimacy! Intimacy is a great, relevant topic for many people in ...
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Top Tricks to Stay Well and Kick Sickness Quick!

Here at Oil Life, we know its mandatory to say one step ahead of sickness! Without your health, those magnificent ideas won’t come to fruition! Here are some tips and tricks to zap it before it begins! Our Stay Well Kit is The BOMB .com to share and enjoy! You can never got wrong if you stay UP on the doTERRA health chart! **Pick up our capsule trays, pill wallet, diffusers, and ombre rollers for easy management!** Check out this video ...
DIY, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit, Recipes

Reach your Rank in 90 Days or Less!

Reaching your next rank is heavily based on one thing : YOUR HEALTH! How are YOU taking care of YOU lately? They say you can’t love another before you love yourself. Well, you can’t help another before you help yourself either! Here are some helpful tips to stay in tip top shape to achieve your goals!! doTERRA’s Health Pyramid is a great basis of knowledge! 1. Eat right: Lots of live foods and water, reach for a green ...