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Health and Fitness Tips!

Do you find its tough to stick to that work out routine you were so inspired to tackle at the beginning of the year? Us too! That’s when we roll on some encouraging blend, set our eyes on our goals and put the blinders on till we get there! Here are a few helpful tips we’ve found that help keep us going! -Use essential oils before and after working out for a faster recovery time (Deep Blue, Peppermint, AromaTouch, etc.) -Make ...
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How to Grow Your Business

You are what you . . . READ! Start reading books that reflect what YOU want to accomplish! Are you ready to reach your next rank? We’ve got several AWESOME books that will help you make it happen! Check out some of our must-have books for any business builder. Must-Have Books for Business Building The Belief Blueprint by Spencer Pettit is our first must-have book. Learn how to build belief in yourself through a simple, step-by-step ...
DIY, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit

Cleanse Tips

Cleansing is a great way to hit the reset button on digestion, your mental state and your negative habit eating patterns! Here are a few things we’ve found to be helpful! AND a Fun Video to go along with it!    The Candida Program section of The Essential Life Book  is a ThORoUgH and AWESOME step by step! The blends, specific ailment exercises and focused immune support is sure to get you feeling right! We also love the selections ...
DIY, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit

A Few of our Favorite Things!

Everyone is raving about our Rotating Essential Oil Rack ! The BEST way to store your massive collection and keep your Essential Life Book handy! Did you see our LIVE with Dr. Mariza Snyder yesterday on Facebook and Instagram ?! This book is selling like HOT CAKES!!! All you need to know about solving your hormone issues with essential oils!! Check out The Essential Oils Hormone Solution! This fun DIY is the perfect addition to your next ...
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How to Help More People get on LRP

Getting your friends and family on LRP is the BEST way grow your business and allow for you raise your rank! So how do you do it?! Great question! We think the following steps will help! Here’s a fun video on the topic as well!  1- Show up and serve by helping solve your friends and families health problems! Give a wellness consult concerning what their health goals are and provide solutions to their problems. What better way to ensure ...
DIY, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit

Emotional Health

February is a brilliant time of year to melt in LOVE for YOURSELF as well as Your Special Someone! Can we get real for a moment though?! Who knows you’ve GOT TO align YOU before you can give your love away!? Emotional health is not only TOTALLY NORMAL, it’s a necessary part of being HUMAN! Pampering yourself by addressing your emotional balance is the BEST WAY to ensure you’re leading each day from a centered, focused and ...