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Share the Love of Oils

This month is all about sharing the love . . . of oils! Share your love of oils this month by hosting a DIY class and a “30 Samples in 30 Days” sample sharing challenge! To start, here are our top 3 DIY kits for classes this February: Top 3 DIY Kits for February Intimacy DIY Kit – The main topic of February is love which means people are also talking about intimacy! Intimacy is a great, relevant topic for many people in ...
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Top Tricks to Stay Well and Kick Sickness Quick!

Here at Oil Life, we know its mandatory to say one step ahead of sickness! Without your health, those magnificent ideas won’t come to fruition! Here are some tips and tricks to zap it before it begins! Our Stay Well Kit is The BOMB .com to share and enjoy! You can never got wrong if you stay UP on the doTERRA health chart! **Pick up our capsule trays, pill wallet, diffusers, and ombre rollers for easy management!** Check out this video ...
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Reach your Rank in 90 Days or Less!

Reaching your next rank is heavily based on one thing : YOUR HEALTH! How are YOU taking care of YOU lately? They say you can’t love another before you love yourself. Well, you can’t help another before you help yourself either! Here are some helpful tips to stay in tip top shape to achieve your goals!! doTERRA’s Health Pyramid is a great basis of knowledge! 1. Eat right: Lots of live foods and water, reach for a green ...
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Reach your Health Goals!!

Have you found it hard to keep to the fitness routine you planned to tackle at the beginning of this year? It’s common to feel a bit run down after a great head start! Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint! Rest and relaxation is just as important as your endurance, drive and pushing yourself. When you need a boost, we’ve got you covered! Jump back on the bandwagon if you fell off! We’re cheering you on!!! Here are some ...
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Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

“Laughter is the best medicine.” You may have heard this quote before and thought it was just a sweet way of saying that laughter is great and makes people feel good . . . but it’s more than that! Did you know laughing actually increases blood flow and, as a result, boosts both your mood and your immune system? How cool is that?! Turns out laughter really is great medicine for both the mind and the body! 5 Ways to Boost ...
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Share the Gift of Health!!

How to Share Essential Oils Effectively! 1. Always include an A-Z Guide / Quick Reference booklet Quick Reference Guide 2. Always include your contact information Need a website ?! Sequoia Soul .com can help! Each website comes with matching business cards! 3. Ask to follow-up (permission base) “check in” 4. Invite to learn more at a class or one-on-one Fun Ways to Share! 1. Diffuser loaning ( get extra diffuser and load with ...