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Diffuser Blend for Rainy Days

Diffuser Blend for Rainy Days Who doesn’t love a rainy day in? Whether you like playing board games, reading or just watching some TV, we’ve got the perfect diffuser blend for a rainy day. Try this diffuser blend for rainy days the next time a storm rolls through! We got this diffuser blend from our Everyday Diffuser Blends booklet! Find this blend and over 100 more in this little book of blends! Check it out here! Our Favorite ...
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Essential Oils for Rashes

Spring time is here and that means one thing . . . allergies! Did you know more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies?! Many of these people even experience rashes! Do you suffer from seasonal rashes? Then we’ve got a few essential oils that may help relieve your symptoms! Seasonal rashes are frustrating and prevent you from fully enjoying spring time. If you experience seasonal rashes and are curious about trying a natural ...
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Potato Salad Recipe with Essential Oils

Learn how to make potato salad and cauliflower salad with essential oils! Casey Hansen shows us how! WATCH video to learn how easy it is to add essential oils to your cooking! Get the potato salad recipe from her book, Simple Cooking with Essential Oils, and DM Casey on Instagram or Facebook to get the Cauliflower Salad Recipe! Just go to @rocknitwithoils on Instagram or Facebook and send her a quick message!   P.S. You’ll get ...
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Spring Cleaning! ( Floors )

March is all about CLEANING! Today we’re focusing on floors. If you’re used to using chemical, industrial cleaners, you’ll be shocked at how well essential oils will get things clean by comparison. No longer will you have any filmy residue and things will actually start to sparkle and feel clean again! Here’s one of our favorite floor recipes! From The Essential Life Book! Wood Polish 1 16oz glass spray bottle 1 mini ...
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Spring Cleaning! ( Dusting )

March is all about CLEANING!! Today we’re focusing on dusting. Knowing how strong essential oils are, it can make us nervous to use them on our nice wood furniture and other places that get dusty, but the truth is essential oils are amazing for helping to keep all things clean!! Here is our favorite dusting spray recipe !  Essential Life Book 1 cup water, distilled or boiled and cooled 1/4 cup vinegar 1 tablespoon olive oil 15 drops ...
DIY, Home Making, Recipes

Spring Cleaning! ( Kitchen )

We’re ALL about SPRING CLEANING this month! Today we’re focusing on kitchens! With how gross and germ-filled kitchens can get, it’s easy to wonder if a natural solution can actually work to get things clean, but essential oils and the natural cleaners you can make with them are actually even more effective with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cleaning!! Here are a few of our favorite essential oil kitchen ...