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Reach your Rank in 90 Days or Less!

Reaching your next rank is heavily based on one thing : YOUR HEALTH! How are YOU taking care of YOU lately? They say you can’t love another before you love yourself. Well, you can’t help another before you help yourself either! Here are some helpful tips to stay in tip top shape to achieve your goals!! doTERRA’s Health Pyramid is a great basis of knowledge! 1. Eat right: Lots of live foods and water, reach for a green ...
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Boost Classes with DIY – Make and Take!

It’s a new year and we KNOW you’re all planning to go Diamond this year!! Can we get a “LET’S DO IT!!” SO first things first! What are some creative ways you plan to increase the effectiveness of your classes and expand your network!? Have you considered adding a DIY that your friends, family and consumers can make and take home with them after class!? We just LOVE our DIY kits and we CAN’T WAIT to share ...
DIY, Health & Wellness, Mind & Spirit, Recipes

Beat the Cold and Flu Season with Essential Oils!

Have you found you’re tired of taking medicine that either doesn’t work, has a side effect or simply is too consistently expensive? We hear you! That’s why we’re so grateful to be avid Oil Life Users! You take care with your oils this season you may end up looking back in disbelief that you made it through the Cold and Flu season with out a single cough or sick day! 1. Eat Right- Lots of live foods and water; reach ...
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New year, New you! It’s time to release the past and set in motion a new set of fundamentals to push yourself through the new year! Has your mind played tricks on you in causing you to forget your own inner strength?! It’s necessary that you pull that weed out by the root and find a new normal! You can do everything you set your mind to! Are you willing to put in the work to achieve your goals?! Let’s define those goals more closely… ...
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Brand New Summer Lookbook

Summer is here and so is our BRAND NEW Lookbook!  Filled with seasonal recipes and stickers, this quick read is a fantastic addition to your Oil Life book collection! Our accompaniment DIY download (sold exclusively online) is the perfect pairing to our lookbook and includes an Oil Life shopping list, project recipe cards, gift tags and boxes, and much more to make your event a success! But, WAIT!  Found inside on our sticker page, is an ...
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Hair Nourishment: Almond Oil and Why You Need It

Now more than ever, ladies and gents are ditching the heavy chemical and fragrant based beauty remedies and turning to more of an organic way of getting their skin, nails, and hair healthily under control. Our latest obsession? Almond oil. Long before we ever got our hands on it, the beautiful ladies before us found its use for beauty remedies. So, take a note from your ancestors; almond oil is a must a have. There are actually two different ...