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Essentially Well Reflexology roller bottle make & takes

The Essentially Well kit is a great roller bottle make & take for adults, and can be used with or without reflexology points. This kit has blends targeted for: Defense Energy Head Muscles Respiratory Romance Seasonal Sleep Stomach And Throat They are formulated at a 3% dilution ratio which translates to about 6 drops of oil per roller bottle.  The reason is that’s the recommended dilution ratio for adults for occasional or short ...
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DIY Tuesday: Outdoors EO Recipes

More yummy recipes from the Essential Life Book, this time for the outdoors life. Sunburn Spray Cooling Spray Bug Repellent Products used: 4 oz. spray bottle  (There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from!) 8 oz.  spray bottle Callie also highlighted the purple polka dot My Oil Bag carrying case.  It’s a great way to travel with your oils while keeping them safe.