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Top 3 Essential Oils for Cuts

Essential Oils for Cuts One of the most common ailments you run into as a parent is cuts. Kids get cuts and scrapes all the time; it’s part of being a kid! If you’re looking for a natural remedy, such as using essential oils for cuts, we have a few you should try. With so many different essential oils out there, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which essential oils to use for what. When it comes to cuts, there are 3 ...

Top 5 Essential Oils for Congestion

Essential Oils for Congestion Allergy season is officially here and that means congestion! If you suffer from allergies your suffering stops here. Essential oils have amazing healing properties and that includes the ability to help relieve congestion! Discover the top 5 essential oils for congestion below. Allergies kill our ability to fully enjoy spring, but that stops here! Try one or more of these essential oils and oil blends for ...

April Calendar!

  The April Calendar is HERE!!!  Join us in welcoming April and all the success we’re all about to experience this month! Our custom made calendars are perfect for business builders, oil users and all other positive tribe humans!! Click here to download the calendar today! WATCH VIDEO to learn more about the April Calendar and why we love it! Ready to start planning? Click the image below to download the calendar today!    
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Do you LOVE Gemstones as much as We Do!? Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about their magic? We’ve got you covered! Our beautiful kit of Gemstone Rollers comes with 10 magnificent Gemstones! Here’s a product video to give you a better look! Combine the healing properties of pure essential oils and gemstones for beautiful, powerful combos! Strong benefits!   Red Jasper – enhances vitality, stamina, ...

Lead Your Team to Greatness

Inspire your team to grow their business and reach their goals! Show your team what it takes to be a business builder by following these tips. Tips for Leading Your Team   Lead by Example – Be an example for your team. Always teach, follow-up and enroll anytime you share oils with others. This will set an example for your team and show them how to share oils effectively. Stay inspired with our Diamond Wallpapers for your ...

Spring Cleaning: Organization + Storage

Spring cleaning isn’t just about your home, it’s about your oils too! Many of us have way too many oils and not enough space to store them. But don’t worry, we’ve got tons of storage options to help you save space! Here are just a few of our favorite storage solutions. Favorite Storage Solutions       The Oil Tower makes organizing your essential oils easy! Store all of your oils in one spot with this ...