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Meet Hayley Hobson: Champion of Holistic Wellness and Essential Oils

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In the dynamic world of essential oils and holistic wellness, Hayley Hobson is a standout figure. As an influential advocate for dōTERRA and Oil Life, Hayley has transformed her life and health through the power of essential oils. In this detailed exploration, we dive into her experiences, her favorite products, and the invaluable advice she offers to those just embarking on their essential oil journey.

Empowering Advice for Essential Oil Newcomers

Hayley’s approach to using essential oils is rooted in patience and trust. She encourages newcomers to embrace the holistic process fully, advising, "Trust the process, these natural holistic remedies work excellent for me." Her journey underscores the effectiveness of essential oils as a natural solution to various health concerns, and she is passionate about helping others discover these benefits for themselves.

The Impact of Being an Influencer

Hayley’s role as an influencer for dōTERRA and Oil Life has been transformational. Not only has it allowed her to significantly reduce her dependency on medications, but it has also enabled her to work from home, sharing her passion and creating a sustainable income and lifestyle for her family. This change has afforded her the freedom to engage more actively with her community and to advocate for natural health solutions more broadly.

Hayley’s Top dōTERRA Picks

Hayley’s commitment to dōTERRA is reflected in her choice of products, which she considers non-negotiables in her daily routine:

  1. Peppermint Soft Gels: Essential for digestive support and relief from occasional stomach discomfort, these soft gels are a daily staple in Hayley’s wellness regimen.
  2. DigestZen Blend: Known for its ability to aid in digestion and soothe occasional stomach upset, this blend has been a game changer for Hayley, especially given her long-standing digestive issues.
  3. Serenity Softgels: These are crucial for maintaining a restful sleep cycle, helping Hayley manage stress and enjoy a more peaceful night's sleep.

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Favorite Oil Life Products

Hayley also highlights her favorite products from Oil Life, which enhance her experience with essential oils:

  1. Bath Bombs: Perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath, these bath bombs are infused with essential oils to provide both physical and emotional benefits.
  2. Himalayan Bath Salts: These salts not only detoxify but also provide a rich source of minerals, enhancing any bath experience while promoting skin health.
  3. Immuno 2.0: An essential product for supporting a healthy immune system, especially beneficial given Hayley’s active and mobile lifestyle.

Initial Attraction to Oil Life and dōTERRA

Hayley was drawn to Oil Life and dōTERRA by her need for effective and natural solutions to her chronic digestive problems, which she had battled for over 40 years. The holistic approach and the purity of dōTERRA's products offered her relief and results that traditional medications could not match. Oil Life’s commitment to providing quality accessories and educational resources further empowered her to integrate essential oils seamlessly into her daily life.

A Fun Fact

Hayley’s vibrant lifestyle is supported by the flexibility her career offers. Living in Boulder, Colorado, and spending summers and holidays in Cardiff, California, she enjoys the best of both worlds. dōTERRA has not only improved her health but also provided her with the financial freedom to reside in two of her favorite places in the United States.


Hayley Hobson embodies the transformative potential of integrating essential oils into one’s lifestyle. Her journey is a powerful testament to the effectiveness of natural health solutions and the personal and financial freedom they can bring. Her story is not just inspiring—it's a call to action for anyone looking to enhance their health and well-being through natural remedies.

For those inspired by Hayley's story or looking to start their own journey with essential oils, visiting Oil Life’s Marketplace provides access to the resources and products that Hayley and many others trust. Join us to explore the holistic path and discover how essential oils can enrich your life.

Stay connected with Hayley and follow her wellness journey on Instagram! Check her out at @hayleyhobson for daily updates, tips, and inspiration.