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Meet Kayla Monson: Integrating Wellness and Essential Oils

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In the vibrant community of essential oil enthusiasts, Kayla Monson shines as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. As an influencer for Oil Life and dōTERRA, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Kayla brings a unique perspective to the world of natural health. Her journey intertwines professional expertise in mental health with a deep passion for holistic wellness, using essential oils to enhance physical and emotional well-being. In this feature, we delve into her experiences, her favorite products, and the impactful advice she offers to those just beginning their essential oil journey.

Empowering Advice for Beginners

Kayla’s approach to introducing newcomers to essential oils is practical and grounded in daily experience. She advises new users to integrate essential oils into their everyday lives actively. “Whenever something comes up, reach for your oils,” Kayla suggests. For example, if you experience discomfort in your shoulder, she recommends consulting a guidance book and trying one or two suggested solutions. This hands-on method helps build familiarity and confidence in using essential oils effectively: “Before you know it, you will know what you like to use for most things without even thinking about it.”

Transformative Impact of Being an Influencer

The role of being an influencer for Oil Life and dōTERRA has significantly shaped both Kayla’s personal and professional life. It has offered her the flexibility to design her day, an aspect she deeply values. “I get to design my day,” she explains. This flexibility allows her to volunteer at her children's school, choose her working hours, and perform her role from anywhere with WiFi. This autonomy in scheduling ensures she can balance her professional responsibilities with personal commitments seamlessly.

Kayla’s Top dōTERRA Picks

Kayla’s favorites from dōTERRA reflect her holistic approach to wellness:

  1. Copaiba: Valued for its soothing properties, Copaiba is a staple in Kayla’s wellness regimen, helping with physical discomfort and supporting overall health.
  2. Recharge: A revitalizing blend that helps energize and uplift, Recharge is perfect for Kayla’s busy lifestyle.
  3. Tulsi: Known for its adaptogenic properties, Tulsi is a go-to for supporting the body's response to stress and enhancing mental clarity.

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kayla's Favorite Oil Life Products

From Oil Life, Kayla’s picks are essential for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and usage of essential oils:

  1. Essential Oils Made Simple Book: A comprehensive guide that offers easy-to-understand information for all levels of essential oil users.
  2. The Essential Life Book: Another crucial resource, this book provides detailed profiles of oils and blends, along with an array of usage tips and recipes.
  3. Ombre Roller Bottles: These stylish and functional roller bottles are perfect for crafting custom blends and make for thoughtful gifts.

Initial Attraction to Oil Life and dōTERRA

Kayla’s journey with essential oils began with her appreciation for dōTERRA’s mission to create a healer in every home. Witnessing firsthand the positive effects of essential oils on her and her family's health, she felt compelled to share these benefits with others. Her discovery of Oil Life came when she was gifted "The Essential Life" book, which quickly made her a fan of their extensive range of cute and affordable oil accessories, ideal for personal use and gifting.

A Fun Fact

Beyond her roles as an influencer and therapist, Kayla shares a fun fact about herself: “I am also a licensed marriage and family therapist, I love mental health and helping people feel better with oils goes right along with that passion.” This dual expertise in mental health and essential oils allows her to offer a uniquely comprehensive approach to wellness, emphasizing the importance of nurturing both the mind and the body.



Kayla Monson's work as an influencer and therapist beautifully illustrates the powerful synergy between mental health and holistic wellness practices. Her expertise and passion for essential oils make her a valued member of the Oil Life community, inspiring others to embrace a more balanced, health-focused lifestyle. Whether you’re new to essential oils or seeking to expand your knowledge, Kayla’s experience and advice offer valuable guidance on incorporating these natural solutions into your everyday life.

For more insights and daily inspiration from Kayla, follow her on Instagram @mywelloiledlife. Her feed is a rich source of tips, personal anecdotes, and encouragement for anyone looking to enhance their life with essential oils.