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Top 3 Essential Oils for High Cholesterol

Essential Oils for High Cholesterol Are you looking for a natural remedy for your high cholesterol? We have three essential oils for high cholesterol that can help lower your cholesterol. If you suffer from high cholesterol, apply or take in a capsule 2-3 drops of any of these essential oils for high cholesterol. Metabolic Blend Lemongrass (diluted) Coriander P.S. You can also add 1 drop (per 8 fluid oz.) of Cinnamon Bark or Lemon essential ...
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Roller Blend for Motivation

Roller Blend for Motivation This essential oil roller blend for motivation will give you the inspiration you need to get through the week. Whether you need a boost of motivation to get through the rest of your homework, the work week or just to get through the day . . . this blend will help. Use this blend before your work day starts or before you start on homework to help you stay focused and motivated. Our Favorite Roller Bottles Our ...

What’s Working Wednesday with Emily Mieren

Essential Oil Business Tips Emily Mieren, doTERRA Diamond, gives you tips and tricks for your essential oil business. In our interview, Emily talks about . . . Being authentic and avoiding being too “sales-y” Sharing instantly effective oils, like Wild Orange and Peppermint, first Creating & hosting unique classes and more. WATCH video to see the interview!   P.S. Find Emily on Instagram

What’s Working Wednesday with Michelle Cannon

Essential Oil Business Tips Michelle Cannon, Blue Diamond, gives you tips and tricks for your essential oil business.  In our interview, Michelle talks about . . . Giving resources, like The Essential Life book, to all of your new enrollees Providing new enrollees with empty roller bottles so they can build blends based around their own needs Enjoying the journey and more.  WATCH video to see the interview!   P.S. Find Michelle on ...
Health & Wellness

Top 5 Essential Oils for Fleas

Essential Oils for Fleas Does your dog or cat have fleas? If you’re looking for a natural remedy, we have five essential oils for fleas that will help you get rid of the problem. If your pet has fleas, dilute and apply 1-2 drops of one of these essential oils: Eucalyptus Cedarwood Lavender Peppermint Cleansing Blend P.S. Apply the diluted essential oils directly to the affected area OR apply them to a bandana and tie around your ...

What’s Working Wednesday with Keeli Martinez

Essential Oil Business Tips Keeli Martinez, Presidential Diamond and Premier on Secondary Account, gives you essential oil business tips and tricks. In our interview, Keeli talks about . . . Teaching others by showing them what works for you Directing new enrollees to The Essential Life book and teaching them how to be resourceful Calling new enrollees and discussing their needs/concerns and MORE! WATCH video to see the interview!   ...