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Essential Oils for Rashes

Spring time is here and that means one thing . . . allergies! Did you know more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies?! Many of these people even experience rashes! Do you suffer from seasonal rashes? Then we’ve got a few essential oils that may help relieve your symptoms! Top 5 Essential Oils for Rashes Seasonal rashes are frustrating and prevent you from fully enjoying spring time. If you experience seasonal rashes and are ...
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Potato Salad Recipe with Essential Oils

Learn how to make potato salad and cauliflower salad with essential oils! Casey Hansen shows us how! WATCH video to learn how easy it is to add essential oils to your cooking! Get the potato salad recipe from her book, Simple Cooking with Essential Oils, and DM Casey on Instagram or Facebook to get the Cauliflower Salad Recipe! Just go to @rocknitwithoils on Instagram or Facebook and send her a quick message!   P.S. You’ll get ...
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Our Favorites for Mom and Baby

We know how hard moms work and we wanted to show our support for all the moms out there by talking about our favorite essential oil make and take kits for mom and baby! We know you’ve been thinking about what class you should hold this month and now you know — a make and take class for moms! Check out some of our favorites below! Favorite Make and Take Kits Our Happy Baby Bum Kit lets you make up to five all-natural, essential ...
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Emotional Health Tips for Kids

Emotional health is important, especially for kids as they learn and grow into being adults. We want them to be emotionally healthy and happy, so how can we help make them the emotional super heroes we all want them to be? That’s where the Emotional Super Powers book comes in; this book helps teach your kids how to cope with difficult emotions and strengthen their emotional super powers. But what is an emotional super power? Well, ...

April Calendar!

  The April Calendar is HERE!!!  Join us in welcoming April and all the success we’re all about to experience this month! Our custom made calendars are perfect for business builders, oil users and all other positive tribe humans!! Click here to download the calendar today! WATCH VIDEO to learn more about the April Calendar and why we love it! Ready to start planning? Click the image below to download the calendar today!    
Feature Friday, Travel

Easy Traveling with Essential Oils

Our New Essential Oil Cosmetic Bags make traveling with your oils easy! Are you sick of bringing a million bags with you when you travel? Don’t want to dig through all your stuff just to find your essential oils and roller bottles? Then you should check out the Essential Oil Cosmetic Bag. Why? Well, here are just a few of the reasons why this bag is great for traveling . . . Why We Love This Essential Oils Bag If you’re an ...