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Feature Friday: Shed Weight & Live Empowered

Your body wants healthy weight even more than you do.  Learn to work WITH your body. Quinn Curtis, the creator of the Live Empowered series, talks about how to use the Shed Weight + Live Empowered handout to teach the principles of Strengthen, Release, & Support.  Learn to teach how to listen to & support your body to create the health and lifestyle you desire. Comes in a paper handout OR in a downloadable format.
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DIY Tuesday: Make Your Own doTERRA/Oil Life Bracelet

Today we’re going to do something a bit different.  Watch today’s video to see how to make a cute pendant necklace into a super-cute wire bracelet. Get the doTERRA/Oil Life pendant necklace for this project or use a different pendant.  You can even use some lava stone or wood beads on it, too, to make it an aromatherapy bracelet.  What a fun and creative DIY project!
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Feature Friday: Get a Healthier You with TERRAfit!

January is a great time to start a NEW fitness program!  Have you tried the TERRAfit program yet? TERRAfit is a great way to get fit!  It uses a revolutionary 4×4 interval system.  Work with a team to get synergy & accountability and win prizes. Go to to get all the details and to sign up for a challenge. If you’re looking for a super-cute workout pull-over with a great fit and style, try the Striped Pullover.  
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DIY Tuesday: Detox Recipes for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Today’s video will show you how to make some recipes for detoxing. Heavy Metal Detox Roller Ball Skin Detox Shower Scrub You’ll need a 10 mL Roller Bottle for the first one (try the Ombre ones – they’ll add some pizazz with their gorgeous colors) and an 8 oz Jar for the second one. If you want a printed version of the recipes, check the Essential Life book on page 233.
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DIY Tuesday: Garlic-Parmesan Potatoes for any Occasion

Today we’ve got a yummy & healthy recipe that you can make anytime. This super-quick and easy recipe uses Black Pepper, Oregano, Thyme, and Basil essential oils.  An easy way to incorporate them is with a convenient spray bottle. Make this for your loved ones, and we’re sure everyone will love it.  The best part is that it’s healthy AND delicious!  Win-win!!!
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Feature Friday: Build Your Business Most Effectively!

Do you wish you had a proven success path to follow to achieve your goals? Your doTERRA success is built on the principle of duplication.  In this Launch Guide you will find a proven road map that will teach you the process of achieving Elite rank, which is the foundation of all the ranks in doTERRA.  Then you can duplicate what you’ve done to help others achieve Elite, too. The Launch Guide is intended for beginners in the business, ...