DIY Pet Recipes

Today’s Tuesday DIY Live features Callie making these essential oil recipes for pets:

  • Fur Heaven’s Sake Pet Calming Blend
  • Bow Wow Wow Pet Shampoo
  • Furr-ever Fresh Pet Shampoo


All recipes are from our Spring DIY Kit that coordinate with the stickers found in the printed version of our Spring Lookbook.

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The “Essentials for Dogs” and “Essentials for Cats” tear pads shown in this video are great tools to support sharing essential oils with pet-lovers:


Exfoliating Body Scrub

Body-Scrub-2615Using a body scrub once a week can really give you that healthy glow. Making the best DIY scrub that works for your skin is fairly easy and you can totally customize it with your favorite scent with the essential oil of your choice.

I’ve been spending the last year or so trying out scrubs, masks, and other beauty essentials to find out what works for me best. My skin is super sensitive and has to be kept really clean to avoid break-outs; so you could imagine how difficult it is to find something that works for my skin in a store full of synthetic and chemical beauty remedies.

The basic scrub is meant to exfoliate your skin and to bring out that young, fresh layer for everyone to see and admire. You don’t just want to tear off that old layer of dead skin either, it’s important that you remove it correctly while nourishing the new skin properly to avoid breaking out or damaging your skin. Use this very simple Sugar Scrub recipe to give the best care for your skin.

Sweet Orange Scrub
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
7-8 drops wild orange essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a glass jar, add a label and a ribbon, then enjoy!

This is such an easy foundation for customizing your scrub recipe. I use brown sugar because it’s more gentle on my sensitive skin. However, if you want something that’s more abrasive, switch it out for white sugar. For a recipe that really adds some vitamins and essential nutrients to your skin, add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture! Honey is so good for your skin. It acts as a moisturizer, exfoliant, and a cleanser and especially helps with the healing process after exfoliating. So if your skin needs that extra oomph, just add a bit of honey and take away a few drops of oil to compensate.

diy-citrus-body-scrubFinally, don’t forget to customize your scent! I love using the wild orange EO and I sometimes add a drop of Lemon EO in there for a really refreshing and invigorating scrub. For a more feminine scent, use 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract with 5 drops of lavender. Mix and match your oils in this scrub recipe for a scent that really works for you.

I use this scrub every week and apply it on my face and body keep my skin young and healthy. I’ve loved how customizable it is! Post in the comments how you’ve customized your scrub!

Sensory Play Dough

DIY PlaydoughWhenever I’m at a social gathering, reining in my 2-year-old son is always a challenge! He is so full of energy and loves exploring everywhere we go. So I’m always on a prowl for something will entertain him and also won’t make a giant mess that has to be cleaned up a few minutes later. I found an awesome DIY play dough that’s completely natural (so it’s non-toxic) that he absolutely loves to play with!

Sensory Play
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
1/2 cup warm water
5 drops lemon essential oil
Food coloring (optional)
Glitter (optional)

How to Make It
Mix the flour, salt, and cream of tartar.
Add water, essential oil, and food coloring and mix well.
Knead in your glitter.
Store this great toy in an air-tight container or in a zip lock bag to play with any time!

Because it’s such a sensory experience, this entertains my son for so long! He loves it and I’m not afraid of him accidentally eating it or making a mess. Such a great DIY to make for your kids; whether you’re heading to church, a reunion, or any other type of gathering. Try it out and let me know what you think!

DIY Dryer Softener Balls

herbalessentialoilI absolutely love the smell of Lavender Essential Oils! I use it all day and I even use it when I make my own perfume. So I found this great DIY that gives me some of the benefits of lavender aroma all day without having to carry a portable diffuser around. Make a dryer softener ball that transfers your favorite essential oil aroma to your clothes. I use lavender but you could use any essential oil that benefits you the most or just smells the best!

Dryer Softener Balls
100% wool or animal yarn
Pantyhose (you can reuse your pantyhose with runs in them!)
4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil

Make 4 or 5 yarn balls that are about the size of tennis balls. Cut the ends and tuck them into the ball.
Cut one leg off of the pantyhose (that has runs in it) and put one yarn ball in the bottom of it.
Secure the yarn ball in place by tying a knot around the ball. After this put another yarn ball in the panty hose and secure it the same way. Do this for all 5 yarn balls.
Fuse the ball together by washing and drying the yarn balls on the highest heat setting.
Once they’re dry, remove the pantyhose and add your favorite essential oil.
Dryer softener balls are ready to use in your next laundry load!

I always get compliments when I use lavender with my dryer softener balls but you can use any essential oil that works best for you. This is such a fun and easy way to get that EO aroma your love all day.

Try it out and tell me about it. What EO did you use?

Helping Husband

So a few weeks ago my fabulous husband was cooking dinner for me. In his valiant efforts to create the perfect night, he spilled some of the sauce in the oven and forgot to clean it up. Later in the week, in preparing dinner for my family, I innocently checked on the casserole in the oven and was surprised to find clouds of smoke billowing out of the oven the second I opened it. Needless to say, we really needed to clean the oven! So we tried out this great DIY oven cleaner and it worked so well! Because it worked so well, I thought I would share it with you.

Oven Cleaner Paste10-DIY-Green-Cleaning-Recipes
1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon dish or castille soap
10 drops of lemon essential oil

How to Use
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl to form a paste.
Apply with a sponge and let it sit up to thirty minutes.
Wipe off with a clean cloth or sponge and water.

This was such an easy way to clean the oven! I am not the type of Mom that wants to invest a high amount of elbow grease, so the easier the better. All I had to do was apply it, walk away, play with my son for a while, then wipe it off.

Tip: To keep your oven clean, cover the oven racks with tin foil. This will make sure you’re always covered for spills.

Try this out and tell me what you think!

Winter Cheeks Balm

One of the worst things about winter is the dry skin that comes with it. Fair features and light, sensitive skin is a strong genetic inheritance in my family. Luckily, my son inherited my good looks. Unluckily, Winter has taken its toll on his cheeks and face making them dry and chapped.

I tried so many lotions and oils from the store to help his rosy, chapped cheeks. So far this season, none of them had really fixed the problem. Not a week ago we walked around a park to view the Christmas light display that had been set up this year. My poor little boy started to really feel how raw his precious cheeks had gotten and rubbed them in an attempt to make them feel better. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that this would only make it worse and tears came easily to his eyes as he tried to remedy his raw skin. It was apparent to me that the lotions and oils I’d purchased weren’t working, so I determined to seek out the best natural remedy that could sooth my son’s skin.

I came across this DIY balm recipe that has worked wonders for my son! As a Utah Mom, I always want my son to be the happiest and healthiest that he can be. After so much research and trying out a plethora of skin moisturizers and remedies, I found a simple one that I could make myself that didn’t have any synthetic fragrances or ingredients that so obviously irritated my son’s skin.

Winter Cheeks BalmLip_Balm_1
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons beeswax
20 drops lavender essential oil

How to Make It
Mix the first three ingredients together in a small mason jar, then lower the jar into a warm saucepan that’s partially filled with water.
On low heat, melt the beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil together, stirring every few minutes.
After the wax is completely melted, remove from the heat and add lavender.
Mix everything together and cool until hardened.
Rub the balm over reddened cheeks to sooth and protect them!

After this worked so well on my son’s chapped skin, we decided to use it for my husband as well! The Winter’s cold and dry air along with my husband’s poor circulation causes chapped and dry knuckles that eventually crack and bleed. Up till now, he was under a strict regimen every night of intense lotion therapy that resulted in sticky hands throughout the night and only some relief the next morning.

Ever since we started making this balm the skin in our family has gotten so much better! We went again to see the holiday light display the other night and were able to thoroughly enjoy it this time. Jim and I slowly wandered the park as our son giggled and sprinted between all the light displays. My 2-year-old’s cheeks are, once again, soft and kissable as they should be. Just a small part of the magical moment our family was able to have this holiday.

Share your winter survival remedies with me in the comments!

Living The Dream

lookbookGetting an adequate amount of sleep is so crucial for mental and emotional health. Insomnia and restless sleep are a significant problem for women who experience depression or anxiety. When I was in my early 20’s I was living with a lot of stress. I was a new mother, barely married, going to school, working full-time, and still had to keep up with family matters. It’s understandable that all of this stress caused me to sleep restlessly. Ultimately, this lead to intense anxiety that added to my insomnia at night and depressive episodes throughout the day. I visited many doctors who either gave me medication to help me sleep or diagnosed me with narcolepsy. Regardless, my sleeping habits never improved and my mental and emotional health kept deteriorating. As a mother and wife, this was so frustrating and debilitating.

Essential oils were my savior from insomnia! Women are especially responsive to aromatherapy and the emotions and relaxation it encourages. After my friends and colleagues begged me to try aromatherapy for months, I finally did, and it worked! To help me sleep I paired cedar wood with wild orange and used it aromatically. This super-simple blend really helped me feel relaxed, grounded, and it stabilized my anxiety at night. I’ve since tried a few other blends that pair a resin oil with a citrus oil (sometimes I add a flower oil as well).

It amazes me how well I’m able to sleep now! I don’t have to take some scary pill from a doctor TEa3Lq3U2uRG1HmiIXyzPBCSkKNUrCCqVqsYrPGQZkE,MSgw4CbYp0JEecXxuUocxkDn1aHbiNsRJ4yR3uolPjQ,Sxq8Hye_Oqe-0rboK1FQSMHYJ7eC9vpdvCZyMX_yF5oor undergo treatment sessions for narcolepsy, instead I just put some oils in my diffuser at night and rest easy. Something as simple as this has made me a better mother, wife, and overall a better day-to-day person. A healthy lifestyle is so important for me and my family and this was something that really helped me achieve that. Wellness—whether it’s gained through exercise, healthy eating, or essential oils—is a lifetime endeavor that helps me in all areas of my life. Because of it, I’m able to accomplish my goals with my family and really life the dream.

Please share in the comments how you’ve used Essential Oils for your health and wellness.

Launch Your Oil Business

Girl Jumping in Harvested Wheat Field

We want our oilers to be as successful as possible in the business that they run. A lot of women get discouraged when starting up their business. To help, we’ve created so many business tools that can help you succeed and absolutely love what you’re doing! While these are great tools, some of the steps to launching a successful business will be talked about in this article. We will discuss the 4 basic steps to launching your business.

Step 1: Make “Stretch” Goals

Many oilers attempt to start their business by jumping in head-first and handing out samples wherever they go. While this is a great thing to do, we want you to be successful; and that requires creating a vision of what you want to accomplish!

First you need to know why you’re building a business and what you intend to create. Researchers have found that the most successful people make really good “stretch” goals. This is a goal that may be difficult, but is definitely do-able with a lot of hard work. Write your goals down, review them often, and create an accountability system.

Step 2: Start Planning

woman-planningThis is where you will schedule your  success! Writing out future plans is an opportunity to look into the future and really see where your business is going to be…and who doesn’t want that? Set a daily schedule of the steps you’re going to take to prepare, invite, present, enroll, and support people in you business. Ask yourself these questions every day:

  • What preparations can I make today?
  • Who can I invite today?
  • Who can I Share a presentation with today?
  • Who can I enroll today?
  • Who can I support today?

By asking these questions, you can set up your day, week, month, and year for total success.

Step 3: Present and Enroll

Step 3 is where you really start executing your “stretch” goals and creating that success you’ve really planned for. Start presenting! Some ideas are to hold a class, present one-on-one, make webinars or videos, present at a holiday gathering or even on a call. Presentations can be simple, but for them to be effective you’ll really need to prepare well in advance and invite good attendees. Once you do present, be sure to enroll and support the new oilers! They’ll need your support and guidance in order to be as successful as you have been.

Step 4: Success Check-in

You’ve done it all, now it’s time to focus on you and your needs. Step 4 is about evaluating what you’re doing and seeing if it works, whether you need to take a break, or if you maybe need to work a bit harder to build that dream business. Check your personal development and goals as well. Everyone needs a good work-life balance. Make sure that you’re successful professionally, personally, spiritually, and emotionally.

The last thing to build your business is to do 15 minutes of personal development every day. Some examples would be meditating, exercising, making a personal confidence statement, crafting, or whatever else you may enjoy that builds you up personally.

Clapping business people in office, hands only

Through following these four simple steps, you can be well on your way to making a new and successful business. No only does this benefit you, but it creates a lifestyle of health and wellness that influences everyone around you. Follow your passion and success will follow you.

More tips for building your business can be found in the many books that we sell in our store, pamphlets, or other resources found on our website.

Share in the comments below how successful you’ve been in your Oil Life business.

The Essential Life: Intimacy Blend

toSr6Urepu79AGV8riLnva257CikuWdzHkTS63TYAQw,sZzEbpZlrPMEB6rIfyzWL5DVF8ietBUavFr7TPxjgow,3819m9aBo6RQbO592grHpB4xovJJk6-RrCCYQ3f-_2wBetween you and me, there are times in my relationship when I just need to add a little bit of extra “spice.” Historically, essential oils have been used to increase sensuality and passion by helping provide a lovely ambiance, relieve emotional exhaustion, and even increase libido. Different oils appeal to different people and it’s all about the journey of discovery to find out which oils work best for you and your partner.

I’ve always had a goal to live as naturally and healthily as possible, so my partner and I use essential oils every day. This includes everything from our meal preparation, cleaning the house, and even to encourage more intimacy in our relationship. Between balancing work, school, kids, and other stresses, we’ve found that Intimacy oil blends are a great way for us to keep the fire blazing in our relationship.

In The Essential Life book we have a lot of great oils blends for spicing up that relationship. This is one blend in particular that I really enjoy using.

Erotic Massage Blendvial 3
1/4 cup fractionated coconut oil
2 drops geranium essential oil
1 drop cinnamon essential oil
1 drop ginger essential oil
1 drop lemongrass essential oil
1 drop peppermint essential oil

Mix oils together and apply lightly on genitals. This blend helps to reach and prolong climax.

This is only one recipe that my partner and I have really enjoyed. Essential oils have so many incredible uses and can help in all areas of health, wellness and natural living. Take a look at some of the other blog entries to see more DIYs and essential oil uses and blends!

Holiday DIY Blend

This blend inspires the joy of the holidays while also stimulating immunity. It’s festive, warming, and spicy to give you that magical Christmas feel.

The Holiday Blend helps the most with headaches, migraine and can be used as a stress reliever and even a sleep aid! As you prepare gifts, meals, and attend parties throughout this month, don’t let the stress get to you and try this out.

Main Ingredients:vial 2
Wild orange
Cinnamon bark

For safety: Dilute for topical application.

Because I’m a mom, work full-time, and go to school I always use this oil blend to relieve the stress that builds up. But with the Wild Orange and Cinnamon Bark smell, the Holiday Blend is absolutely perfect for this time of year!

Post below in the comments and Share how this blend worked for you.