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Feature Friday: TERRAfit!!!

Are you curious about TERRAfit and if it’s a good fit for you and your weight-loss goals? TERRAfit is a weight-loss program that will help you move into healthier lifestyle habits so you can keep the weight off.  You can do it in short 21-day challenges or longer 12-week challenges.  You can do it individually or with a team.  Go to the TERRAfit website to get more details. By the way, the doTERRA-branded Trimr water bottle is great to ...
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DIY Tuesday: Essential Oil Popsicles!

It’s a little early in the year, but popsicles sounded good today! Do you find yourself looking for a yummy, easy recipe that is also healthy & quick?  You’ve got it!  This one fits the bill nicely!  This particular recipe is kind of like a frozen Orange Julius popsicle.  This would be yummy with fresh watermelon and Basil essential oil, too! By the way, the written recipe is in the Essential Life book 3rd ed. on page 390.
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Feature Friday: The NEW Essential Life Book

It’s finally here!!!!  But why is it better than its predecessors? The 3rd edition is updated with the NEW oils that came out at Convention 2016. It includes: Quick Reference Guide for ailments Oil Information pages Blends and Supplements Information pages Body Systems & Focus Areas reference pages Expanded Natural Living recipes section, AND, an expanded Reference Section and Index The individual oils pages have top uses, top ...
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DIY Tuesday: Wild Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh my goodness!  Wild Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Yes, please!!! Today’s video is a fun how-to.  You could also try Cassia or OnGuard.  This is a super-fun & tasty way to share EOs, too! By the way, the Essential Life book 3rd edition is finally here!  If you pre-ordered, it’s already on its way.  If you haven’t ordered yet, you’re going to love this one.  We’ll be doing a video on the new updates soon.
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Feature Friday: Essential Yoga Practice

Finally!  A book that brings essential oils & yoga together in a beautiful & accessible way! This book is geared toward three audiences: Experienced yogis looking to learn more about essential oils & how to bring them to their students Beginners to yoga who are familiar with essential oils People who are new to both yoga & essential oils, and are curious to learn more about both. The book is divided into three sections: A ...
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DIY Tuesday: Self-Care Recipes just for you!

Today’s recipes are all about self-care.  Sometimes we just need to take a little time out for ourselves, and these recipes will help you feel like a million bucks! Over-Indulgence Tea Blend Bubble Bath These are some interesting ones that we’ve never made on here before.  They come from the Essential Life book.  The 3rd edition is almost here!  Have you pre-ordered yours yet? Glycerin is used in the bubble bath, then store your ...